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Dental Technology

All work is carried out under Magnification or Microscope. Magnification is considered the Standard of Care.

Intra-Oral Digital camera and Extra-Oral Nikon D100 Digital cameras with macro-lens for demonstration or treatment planning where treatment is necessary.

Satelec Piezotome Ultrasound Surgery and Whaledent Electro Surgery and Electo Cautery for efficient surgical needs.

Sybron Endo/WaveOne Rotary Root Canal Motors utilised in various systems to efficiently accomplish root canal work.

Digital Intra oral X-ray and Extra Oral Panoramic X-ray – all with very reduced radiation.

State of the Art Infection Control Centre – open to inspection so that patients can feel re-assured that their health is our priority.

Safe Removal Of Mercury Fillings

All fillings that contain mercury can be removed utilising the protection of a rubber dam barrier. This means that you, the patient, are separated from the mercury present in your filling and in addition the mercury waste is removed with a high-volume suction.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry:

Minimally Invasive Dentistry is the first and foremost consideration at Weybridge Dental Care.


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