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Composite Vaneers

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Composite Vaneers

Composite veneers or Composite bondings are additions of composite material on to the teeth to improve the appearance or aesthetics of those teeth. They are used to change the colour, shape, and size of the teeth to make them more attractive. To achieve excellent results, Composite veneers are technically and artistically very demanding. They should only be done by a highly experienced Dentist who is skilled, artistic and has experience in the variety and properties of theses materials. Composite veneers are directly applied to the teeth by a bonding technique and by means of addition and sculpturing into a desirable final shape and size. They need to match the adjacent teeth and be symmetrical, and they must also match the shape of the arch and facial profile.

When are Composite veneers used and advisable to do?

Composite veneers are very conservative and teeth are not reduced or cut as in porcelain veneers.

Stained/Crooked teeth

When there are unsightly stains, white patches, discoloured teeth. Composite veneers can also be used to dampen/reduce or fully correct the misalignment of crooked teeth.

Damaged teeth

Damaged or chipped front teeth.

Closing gaps

One of the most common undesirable situations is gaps between teeth the top two front teeth, known as Diastema. Composite veneers can be the ideal choice of treatment. In Diastema closures, there is no tooth removal and only addition to the tooth.

How long do composite veneers last?

Composite veneers are expected to last between 5 – 10 years. Composite veneers are easy to repair. This is one of the biggest advantages of Composite veneers over any other form of veneers.

What are the alternatives to Composite veneers?

Depending on the underlying problem, and the patient’s request, different treatments can be suggested. Porcelain veneers and to close gaps and re-align teeth, Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign/Clear Step/Six Month Smiles can be considered.

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