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Price guide

We always provide you with an estimate for any treatment we would suggest you have. Unfortunately, we only give estimates because however careful we are in planning your treatment we may come across a situation which we had not planned for once we commence your treatment. If this is the case and it could have an effect on your final treatment price, we will always discuss this with you.

Sometimes we are in the middle of a treatment and in order to continue, we have to carry out additional work. After we have finished the treatment we will always discuss any additional cost that you may have.

New patient consultation (without X-Ray)From£69.00
Consultation existing patientsFrom£49.50
Child Consultation£25.00
Panoramic X-RayFrom£80.00
Single X-ray£14.00
Direct Access HygienistFrom£92.00
White FillingsFrom£135.00
Root Canal TreatmentFrom£495.00
Porcelain Posterior CrownsFrom£825.00
Porcelain Anterior Crowns/VeneersFrom£895.00
Cosmetic Crown / VeneersFrom£335.00
Porcelain BridgeFrom£825.00 per unit
Dentures (Cosmetic)From£1,793.00
Implants Including Implant CrownFrom£2,600.00
Tooth ExtractionFrom£195.00
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionFrom£295.00
Whitening – BoutiqueFrom£425.00
Whitening – EnlightenFrom£635.00
Invisalign Clear AlignersFrom£3,350.00
Emergency Appointments (Existing Patient)From£49.50
Emergency Appointments (New Patient)From£78.00
Emergency Appointments (Saturdays)From£98.00
Out of hours opening surgery chargesFrom£185.00
Implant emergency treatmentFrom£155.00
Sleepwell (anti-snoring device)From£635.00


full assessment allows for a more cost effective treatment plan.

We accept all major credit/debit cards or cash, No cheques.

£40.00 or for other appointments 50% of the treatment cost.

A deposit is required when booking an appointment.

If you have any queries, please call us on 01932 842838 or

After we have finished the treatment we will always discuss any additional cost that may arise.