Antony Michael Esprey
at Weybridge Dental Care
Where Dental health is a matter of Choice not a matter of Chance.

Weybridge Dental Care offers a full range of modern, routine and aesthetic dentistry, with extensive expertise in more specialist areas such as Dental Implants, Periodontics (gum disease) as well as Cosmetic Dental Care.

Our experienced dentists have postgraduate education in varying fields of dentistry and aesthetic procedures, are approachable and friendly. We work as a team to provide the highest level of care at competitive and sensible prices.

We provide minimally invasive dentistry, with a strong emphasis on the comfort of our patients. We offer each and every patient a journey which leaves them feeling taken well care of in an uncompromisingly competent, safe and caring manner.

Our highly trained Dental Aesthetics team supported by our Hygienists, our highly efficient team of Dental Assistants as well as our compliance team to ensure a comfortable and efficient dental experience. We are proud to offer our unique dental services to patients across Surrey.

The reason why we think people should join our clinic is, we simply are a caring team of professionals providing a welcoming and relaxing environment to help you feel at ease and full of confidence without any compromises.

Our aspiration to also offer people with busy schedules a chance to see a local dentist, has resulted in after-hours and weekend appointments that can be scheduled to accommodate your availability. Sedation is another option available to our nervous patients on request for a fully relaxed experience.

For more information about our treatments or our practice or please call 01932 842 838